Mayo Moments

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

VEEG - London Children's Hospital

So here we are again, all wired up and ready to....wait.  :)

Leah and I arrived at the hospital around 1pm and she immediately went to the EEG department to get all the wires attached.  This time they have used a type of adhesive similar to model airplane glue and an air "gun" to  quick dry it.  As well, they have wrapped her head up in a turban and **fingers crossed** everything will stay attached and sending strong and reliable signals back to the computer!
They have said we should be prepared to be here until Monday at least, so we have already unpacked and settled in.  Leah has brought a variety of movies, books, activity books and her pencil case.  That should get us through to tomorrow, after that I will be relying quite heavily on the Child Life Specialists and the playroom to keep her busy.  This is how the hospital website defines the role of Child Life

A hospital visit can sometimes be a scary and unfamiliar experience for infants, children, youth and families. It is often a source of tremendous stress and anxiety.
The Child Life program strives to meet the psychosocial needs of children and youth while being in the hospital by helping them adjust to and understand hospitalization, medical procedures, illness and injury.
The Child Life program strives to:
  • Promote optimum development of children and adolescents
  • Maintain normal living patterns
  • Help alleviate the stress and anxiety that children and their families may encounter as a result of the hospitalization/medical experience
Child Life Specialists
  • Help children and their families understand their reactions and concerns to the hospital experience by providing accurate and honest information.
  • Explain medical experiences and what you may see, hear, smell, taste and feel while being in the hospital.
  • Create opportunities to explore and cope with “pretend” and/or actual medical equipment. This may increase your comfort level and familiarity with medical care.
  • Help families select procedures, tests and exams that are most helpful during your health care experiences.
  • Suggest coping techniques for procedures such as distraction, deep breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • May be present during medical procedures and provide information about medical events.
  • Offer support to family members such as siblings by helping them adjust to the hospital environment and understand health care experiences.
  • Provide opportunities to play.
  • Offer and adapt activities when you are on bed rest and/or in isolation.
  • Coordinate holiday entertainment, special visitor events, and recognize significant events such as holidays and birthdays.
  • Design all play and activity areas so they are welcoming, safe and healthy.

What to Expect

The Child Life Specialists will use play, role-playing, teaching puppets and dolls to help make you feel more at ease while being at the hospital.
They will also help you understand complicated medical stuff in a way that is easy for your to understand, and help make the scary times a little easier.
The hospital also offers a really cool e-card service.  London Children's Hospital e-card link  If you have a few spare moments, please send Leah an e-card, she will be tickled pink to get them!  She is currently on B6 room 214B.