Mayo Moments

Monday, 21 November 2011

Disappointing Outing

Yesterday, we had a very full day planned.  We were heading to Toronto to attend our first Christmas party of the year.  While we were there we planned on stopping into the Royal Ontario Museum and maybe even getting to watch some of the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

We planned and packed, taking into account the amount of time we would be gone and knowing that they would all get hungry, thirsty and that Leah would undoubtably need to lie down at some point.  So into the van went the wagon, blankets, extra food and drinks and the items we had agreed to bring to the party.

Our first stop was the ROM.  We have had a family membership for a year now and the kids and I have spent many an afternoon wandering around visiting various exhibits and re-visiting their favourites.  But somehow, Paul never made it with us.  He hadn't been there for over 10 years, so I was very pleased he would have a chance to see it again and we would have some quality family time.

Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned.  Shortly after arriving, Leah had a small episode and was curled up in the wagon.  We were down in the special exhibit about Mayians when we were approached by security guards letting us know wagons were not allowed at the ROM.  I started to explain to them why we use it, but stopped myself because they are just doing their jobs and can't make changes to policy.  I would just up upstairs and speak with someone in charge and see if we could come to some sort of agreement.  The guards agreed to let us finish the exhibit and then head upstairs to get it sorted out.

Just as we were walking away from those guards, another one marched up to me and demanded that I turn around and walk back out because wagons aren't allowed.  I attempted to explain I had already worked out the issue but he cut me off and said "I don't know how the hell you got that thing in here, but turn yourself around and go back out."  AND then he escorted me out of the exhibit, into the elevator and up to the lobby!  Like I was the trouble maker!  He was so aggressive and offensive, I couldn't believe it!  I was SO offended that I just kept walking and Leah and I left.  We went outside to watch the parade while Paul and the other kids wandered around the ROM.

Leah waiting for the parade to begin

While we were outside Leah had a sudden loss of bladder control, it caught her completely by surprise and she was unable to stop it.  She hadn't had any warning that she needed to go to the bathroom, no feeling of urgency, it just happened.  She was so embarrassed and upset, not to mention cold!  So we packed everyone up and fought our way through the crowds to get back to the van so we could get her cleaned up.  Had to hit a store to pick up some wipes and some Pull Ups to get us through the day and the long ride home.  Cleaned her up, put a new pair of tights on her, luckily her skirt didn't get wet and then off to the party we went.

We had a good time at the party, the kids got to decorate the tree and eat anything they wanted to from a buffet table laden with food!

By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted!  I had planned to go back in and speak with the people at the ROM when we were done with the parade, but due to the circumstances I did not have the chance.  I have however, sent them a very strongly worded email this morning and am waiting rather impatiently for their response.


  1. Oh Kate!! That is absolutely shameful behaviour! Poor you and poor Leah :( I'm disgusted. I hope you get a reasonable response from them. Hugs to all of you xoxo

  2. Wow Kate that is ridiculous! You would think people working at a place where people are in and out every day would have more people skills. I hope they do something for you. We are thinking about you guys and should get the kids together over the holidays. xoxo Jen, Joe, Ben and Emily : )