Mayo Moments

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Things are not going well with the school.  On Monday I dropped the letters off in the office and then went over to the School Board to drop off the letter there and try to pick up some hard copies of the info I found on the website.  

No sure why it was such an ordeal but in the end, instead of having pamphlets I ended up meeting with the Coordinator of Special Education - the person I was dropping a letter off for.  We met for about 1 hour, I outlined my concerns about Leah's situation and how the school had responded.  

He gave me the usual song and dance about budgets, resources etc. "In order to free up EA time for Leah, we would have to take that time away from some other child".  I didn't appreciate being made to feel guilty for requesting help for my child so I reminded him that in order for that child to have gotten that time, it was probably taken from another child."

By the end of the meeting we had concluded that developing an accommodation IEP for Leah, and arranging some sort of resting area for her to use daily at lunch were not unreasonable requests and there should be no problem in getting those things set up.  As for dedicated EA time, I would have to meet with the principal, ERT and teacher to discuss it.  He volunteered to attend the meeting if I felt it was necessary.

My job prior to the next meeting was to get one/some/all of her doctors to write letters outlining her condition, restrictions, needs and prognosis.  Not that the letters would guarantee anything, but having documentation from them would strengthen my case.  I also needed to get the Sleep Specialist to finally sign the documentation that allows the school to give her the medication at lunch. 

He advised me that he would be calling the principal to let her know we had met and to give her the highlights of our conversation - something he would have done if he had only received my letter anyway.

Well first thing Tuesday morning I get a call from the secretary on behalf of the principal - they would no longer be able to give Leah her medicine until all necessary paperwork was completed.  I had expected some kind of foolishness from the school - but really, won't give her the medicine?  The medicine that is supposedly keeping her in school more often?  If you want to strike out at me fine, but you are mad at me, not my daughter.  

Anyway, in other news, the Sleep Specialist has decided there is nothing more he can do for Leah so he has discharged her back to Dr. Bonsu and Dr. Callen.  So now I have to hound them for the necessary paperwork and appointments.

Everyone in the family has been sick with this horrible respiratory bug that is going around, I have had to bump Leah from her paediatrician's appointment twice now so he could see one of the other kids.  This Friday, we go to see him again, and hopefully can accomplish everything on my list.


  1. Stay strong. You are doing a great job fighting for Leah. I check your blog often knowing that one of these days you are going to turn a corner and have some answers. I think of you all often, and I have never met you. Keep truckn’ - you are an amazing Mom!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It helps to know that there are people out there helping us through this.