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Saturday, 21 April 2012


Dexadrine (Dextroamphetamine) is a powerful psychostimulant which produces increased wakefulness, energy and self-confidence in association with decreased fatigue and appetite. It works primarily by inducing the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine from their storage areas in nerve terminals.  (wikipedia)  It is used with great success in treating ADHD, narcolepsy and chronic fatigue.

Well whatever it does and whatever it  is, it is certainly working.  As long as Leah takes the pill in the morning and then again after her nap at school she is able to stay at school.  If, like this morning, her dose is forgotten, the school is calling by about 10am.

As for noticeable side effects for Leah...have you ever seen the movie Hoodwinked?  She is a little bit like the character Twitchy on caffeine.  Chatters a mile a minute about the minutiae of her day, is restless and amazingly enough quite distract-able. This gradually wears off by about suppertime and then shortly after that she is ready for bed.

Her morning dose keeps her going until about 11, then she is able to take a nap at school, eat lunch and get her next dose.  It hasn't affected her appetite too much at lunch as she gets to eat prior to taking another one.

On the weekends and other school holidays, she does not get the meds.  This does result in episodes and extra sleepiness on those days but we believe her body needs a break from the medication and we want her to be eating as much as she can on those days.  Currently I do not plan on keeping her on it over the summer break.  

In less than a month we finally get the appointment with the Endocrinologist. Our success with the Dexedrine might be the key we are looking for in getting a diagnosis.  Hopefully it will help him at least narrow down the possibilities.

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