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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Princess and her Castle

After a busy and very exciting weekend, followed by a busy and exciting Monday, Leah is having a TERRIBLE Tuesday! Seizures, sleep disturbances, blurry vision, headache, weepy, tired, cold. She is obviously staying home from school. She had been doing so well too.

At least she was interested in learning more about what is going on with her. I gave her this analogy.

She needs to think of her body like a castle that is under attack(germs, viruses, etc) all the time. Inside the castle there are defenders(anti bodies) who run around defending against the attackers. Sometimes the walls of the castle are weakened by mysterious forces (sickness, stress, overtiredness etc) High in the tower(brain) is the princess. She has special protectors(Keppra). Sometimes the defenders are so eager to do a good job defending the castle that they get confused and start attacking the things that live in the castle too. When this happens the princess's special protectors help to keep her safe but sometimes, the confused defenders fight them as well. And as skirmishes breakout thoughout the tower different things(symptoms) happen.

This started a long conversation but she finally seems to "get it". Of course by this afternoon she may not remember we even had the conversation! But at least I will be able to refer back to it :)

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