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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Today we went to the paediatrician's office for a follow up on Leah's extensive bloodwork and EEG.  The bloodwork had been ready on September 26th, and for some reason we were not called.  The EEG was ready some time last week, and again we were not called as promised.  I called McMaster to find out the status of it, and when told it had been read, dictated and printed, called the paed's office and made the appointment myself.

The waiting is tough enough, never knowing when the phone call is going to come and even worse, what it is going to say.  But to wait, and wait, and wait, and never get the promised call - for no apparent reason, really burns my butt!


EEG - bottom line,it  is still showing as completely normal.  His response was, if the CT Scan and two EEGs are normal we can assume the brain is not involved.  But we will still wait for the Neurologist appointment.

Bloodwork - her thyroid hormones are normal - this means there is neither hyper nor hypothyroidism at work.  However, the other tests that use thyroid indicators(anti thyroglob, microsomal anti & TSH) are high and have been slowly increasing all summer.  This points to an autoimmune problem and based on that he has sent out a referral for her to see a Paediatric Endocrinologist at McMaster.  As well her CK (muscle enzymes were still high), her Blood Gases were a little off (PCO2 high, PO2 low and HCO3 high), and her red count high.

As usual the statement I received when asked for a more definite diagnosis was, "It shows something is going on, but nothing is high enough to point to one thing."  Hence another referral, more waiting, another chance to explain 3 years worth of symptoms in a 20 minute appointment, more tests, more questions, more exams and more WAITING!

In the meantime, Leah is missing on average two days a week of school - not including doctor's appointments.  So far, this is not impacting on her learning.  The work she is bringing home is excellent and she is still loving being there.  She has grown a couple of inches and gained a couple of pounds since July which is good, but her eating is still a little sketchy, so we have started giving her a bottle of Pediasure a day in addition to her vitamins.

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