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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Planning, planning and more planning

Only a few short days since we found out Leah will be going to Minnesota to *fingers crossed!* finally get a diagnosis and so much is happening!

We are so blessed to already have a group of friends sign on to be my Dream Team - to give me ideas, contacts, tips, help and all sorts of skills to enable us to raise the necessary funds to get her there.

The finances associated with going to Minnesota are overwhelming.  Since Leah is an International Patient, they require....
" minimum deposit in the amount of $3,000 to $5,000 U.S. dollars is required at the time of registration, depending upon anticipated medical needs.  This amount represents neither the minimum nor maximum charge; it is a deposit toward services received."

Each time I take a peek at the online sites to check the flights and hotel costs our bank account cries a little bit.

So a fundraising blitz looks to be on our horizon.  I have spent the last couple of days drafting letters to doctors, Service Clubs, her school and local retailers, I have also created a dedicated Facebook page attached to this blog and today I am heading out to open a special bank account for her.  I've made contact with our Group Health Insurance Providers we have through work, and we both have some coverage for International Medical Care which is a big weight off our shoulders - as long as the Doctors and OHIP come through with the proper paperwork.

So all in all it looks like it will be an exceedingly busy summer for us so I am extra glad I don't have to work!

If anyone wants to volunteer to help out with any of our fundraising endeavours we would really appreciate it, or if you want to send fundraising ideas please pass them along.

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  1. Mrs. Balint,
    It's Hannahs freind Gina.
    Hannah has created a little campaigning group at our school. Everyone is working hard to make home made gifts to sell for money for Leah.
    Just wanted to let you know,