Mayo Moments

Friday, 1 June 2012

Leah's Appointment Schedule and Fundraising Update

Can you believe it?  They have already sent us a preliminary schedule of the first couple of days of Leah's visit!.
August 7, 2012 - Tuesday
Urine Test
7:45 AMDr. Amie E. Jones, Consultation
10:30 AMChest X-ray
11:00 AMElectrocardiogram
August 8, 2012 - Wednesday
7:00 AMBlood Tests 
7:45 AMAutonomic Test 
12:00 PMElectroencephalogram (EEG) 
August 9, 2012 - Thursday
8:45 AMKristi R. Luenzmann, M.A., L.P, Office Visit Department of Psychiatry and Psychology
2:45 PMDr. S. Kotagal, Consultation Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

They have been in contatct with me via email, they also want to do a repeat MRI to follow up on the "abnormality" noted on her previous one.  Her first MRI found "evidence of nonspecific peritrigonal white matter changes."  We were told at the time that it wasn't a big deal, most people over the age of 50 have some sort of white matter change due to TIAs, migraines etc.  That never really sat well with me, so I am glad they plan on doing another one to see if there have been any changes.

On the fundraising front, things are full speed ahead.  Letters have been sent off to Doctors, Green Shield (our benefits provider), some Service Groups, Leah's school and a couple of other places.  Personal contact has been made with others.

My wonderful girls have been holding playground meetings and coming up with some plans of their own.  I hear there are keychains, bookmarks, necklaces and bracelets in the works.  Many school friends are bringing crafting supplies to school, hunkering down on recesses and lunches and crafting up a storm for Leah!  And they are very proud to announce that they already have some orders!

At home, we are busy creating Leah's Angels.

We hope to sell these in the school, garage sale, friends and family, Facebook, maybe a store will sell them at the cash register, I see no limits!  :)  A week from now is a school holiday, the girls will have their friends over and we are going to have an "Angel Making Bee".  I am sure there will be beads flying everywhere, but we will get lots done!  Many hands make light work, and they have all been so eager to pitch in and help.  We truly are blessed to have so many wonderful friends - big and small!

Another friend is pitching a "Loonies for Leah" drive at her work!  How awesome would that me if it caught on at other workplaces!?!?

As always, thanks for your thoughts, prayers and kind words.  The emails, phone calls and notes are so appreciated.


  1. Hi Mrs.Balint
    I check this blog every day!!!
    Yesterday I went to a friends house and we made lots of bookmarks. I told Hannah to be prepared of how much things I am brining in on monday. Next weekand I might be having a garage sale and my mom said that I can set up a "looking for answers for Leah" booth to sell some of our crafts. Tell Leah I said hi!!


    1. Hi Gina, thanks so much for all your help! I really appreciate that you are going to sell them at your garage sale. Since that big neighbourhood sale is happening nearby, you should have lots of people stopping by. On Friday, we will be making lots of angels, if you want to come on by, I will be providing snacks and drinks for all my angel making helpers! :)

    2. Yes Hannah told me you'd be doing that.
      I will have to ask my mom. I love helping you guys out. I need to start selling some things. And yes, lots of people will come to the garage sale my mom said because of the neighbourhood one.