Mayo Moments

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fundraisers gearing up!

A wonderful family friend has approached all the Catholic high school principals in our area asking them to participate in a Loonies for Leah event.  The event could be a special dress down day, a "buy out" day where they get to pay money to get out of last period, or something else that they come up with.  She also reached out to the principles of our family of Catholic elementary schools asking them to participate somehow too.  As well, friends of hers have offered to have Loonies for Leah jars put at their businesses!  So I am creating a flyer type letter to have along side the jars and will be sending along copies of the business card I created encouraging people to come to the website.

A wonderful little girl named Gina from Leah's school will be selling her handmade crafts at a garage sale this weekend with the proceeds going towards the Minnesota trip.  God continues to bless us with wonderful friends and we are so thankful!

Everyone in the Niagara area, please keep June 16th available, my mother will be hosting a fundraiser garage sale, lemonade stand, Leah's Angels table and (possibly)BBQ.  If you have clutter lying around your house that you would like to donate towards this event, please let me know, I will pick it up or it can be dropped off at my house.  We will also be debuting these banners that I made at  I LOVE that site!  :)


  1. Thank you soooo much Mrs.Balint for mentioning me in your blog. Words cannot express how much that means to me. Thank you!!!! I told Hannah I'd call her tomorrow to see if i can come to the angel making bee. So you wil here from me tomorrow. (wednesday)

  2. You are very welcome sweetheart!

    1. Thanks again!!! When is the next time you will post something new??