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Monday, 11 July 2011

Leah's Story - Part 3

I wasn't sure where to add this info, not sure if it is connected to her other symptoms or if the timing was purely coincidental.

Since early to mid May, Leah has been complaining of stomach aches.  They were minor, didn't cause her to change her routine, stop eating or interrupt her day.  They were more of an after thought.  We monitored her bowel movements to ensure that wasn't the problem.  She would have at least one bowel movement a day, usually very narrow in diameter, soft but not diarrhea.  She also came to me to complain of having "wet farts".  She couldn't control them and it would happen unexpectedly.  She was having these multiple times a day and required frequent changes of underwear and pants.

On June 12, 2011, Leah was very lethargic and complaining of worse pain in her stomach.  The pain was centred around her belly button but was not sore to the touch.  We monitored her for a bit and then decided to take her to the closest Urgent Care where they would be able to do bloodwork and xrays.  The blood work ruled out appendicitis and the xrays ruled out a blockage or obstruction.  The xray tech pointed out that she was very full of gas.  We were sent home with instructions to give her clear fluids, soups etc and to follow up with her doctor.

June 16th - I went to see the Doctor by myself, he promised he would look at the xrays but he was certain she was just a little backed up and to increase her fibre and fluids.

June 17th - the Doctor reviewed the xrays and said he could see some fecal matter in the pelvic region and lots of gas trapped behind it.  What he suspected was the gas was pushing past the fecal matter and pushing out some fluid and small bits.  The extra fluids from the IV should resolve everything.

June 18th - Leah was experiencing more stomach pain, but this time is seemed to be in different areas, this was attributed to the fecal matter moving along.  "No reason to worry".

July 5th - symptoms have not stopped or gotten better.  She is still having multiple bowel movements and "wet farts" each day.  Stomach pain consistently on a daily basis.  Brought her to see the doctor, he diagnosed Fecal Incontinence and ordered a stool sample and gave her some meds to "clean her out".  We will see how that goes.  It is supposed to take about two days and she needs to remain close to a bathroom, unfortunately, due to the activities of the other four children we have been unable to set aside two full days.  Hopefully tomorrow is the day!


  1. Can you camp out in an ER explaining she has gotten worse and worse? If she were admitted (and I'd fight for that) she would be seeing the neurologist on staff and be ahead of the line for any tests.

    If they send you home, bring her back if she is the same or worse inside 24 hours. SOMEONE will listen.

  2. This sounds like some sort of Autoimmune disorder. If they can figure out witch one, she can probably be medicated and be a happier normal girl. I agree with the previous commenter. Don't leave the ER without answers.

  3. I agree with a possible auto immune disorder. Why havent they done any cat scans/MRI's? The dizziness and blurred vision would definately raise red flags and warrant an MRI.

    I hope you get some answers for your daughter. The waiting is horrible. I have been having medical issues with my daughter for 6 months and the referrals to different doctors are 2-5 months. It's horrible. I'm very thankful though that she is still happy through it all and doesn't seem to be in severe pain anymore.

    I wish for all the best for your daughter and I hope she gets the care she needs quickly. I agree with the other post and take her to the ER daily if you need to so she will be seen. Even if you have to make the drive to Toronto Sick Kids. They will definately take notice.

  4. Has she been tested for intestinal parasites? Many of the symptoms you describe can be caused by parasitic infections, and I'm not sure how frequently this sort of condition is screened in western medicine. Often times a simple fecal sample is all that is required for diagnosis (depending on the type of parasitic infection being screened for).

  5. hi there after reading Leahs' story... has anyone tested for a Gluten allergy? i am 33 and have had similar symptoms as she... it is a tricky diagnosis as it can mimic many diseases... i too had sore joints, stomach issues, feeling very lethargic, dizzy to the point where i thought that i shouldn't even be driving... it's amazing that something a simple as wheat and gluten, once cut out of my diet, within 2-3 weeks i was feeling better... i hope u find some answers, and your little girl can be a little girl again :)