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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

PROGRESS!!!!! :)

Well, we haven't found the magic bullet yet, but we are making progress!  First and foremost we got the orders for a MRI! 

But first a bit of history, a couple of weeks ago, before Leah collapsed for the second time, she had a very bad morning, very lethargic, no energy, not eating, extremely blurry and dizzy, with a bad headache.  We decided to bring her to the Children's Emergency at McMaster.  She was seen very quickly but we got the same response as usual, it isn't an emergency situation and wasn't something they could deal with, within the scope of their work.  They offered us two options, we could be referred to the Paediatrician on staff which would be a one time visit of a maximum 20 minutes, the plus side being it would be the next day.  The second option would be to be referred to a Consulting Paediatrician who would follow her case until its conclusion but would take a couple of weeks to get the appointment.  This option would result in the best possible outcome - someone who could give me a second opinion AND actually do something about it.  So the choice was obvious - wait a couple of weeks and get a second opinion.

A Consulting Paediatrician is a doctor without a regular roster of patients.  She receives referrals from hospital system for children that are in need of a higher level of care than a general practitioner can provide.  Once the "crisis" or medical need is over, care is returned to the general practitioner.  Prior to going to our appointment, I did a little research on her, I went to the website to find out how other parents felt about her.  The response was great!  Parents were extremely pleased with both her medical skills and her bedside manner.  A couple parents even said she figured out their child's problem when no one else could!  HALLELUJAH!  My own personal Dr. Gregory House!

So off we went, with previous test results in hand, my little green book detailing Leah's daily symptoms, complaints, appointments and treatments and a whole lot of hope.

This doctor was FANTASTIC!  She actually spoke to Leah, asked her lots of questions and only looked to me for clarification.  Then she settled her down with some books and then it was my turn.  She really, really, really listened, took copious notes on Leah, her siblings, her family and her friends.  She reviewed the test results and agreed with Leah's paediatrician in saying that it is a very confusing group of symptoms that don't appear to point to anything in particular.  However - and this is what sets her apart from the others - she does not think it is a good idea to just sit back and wait!  She has ordered the MRI, realizing that the Neurologist will want one when we finally get the appointment.  She has also sent out a referral to the Neuromuscular Specialist at McMaster.  We should be able to get an appointment with him relatively quickly.  She did hasten to add that this doctor can sometimes be lacking in bedside manner but he is brilliant.  Even if it turns out that he can't give us a diagnosis, he will be able to assist us in ruling out things.

All in all, the appointment lasted almost 90 minutes.  Not once did I feel rushed, or like I was wasting her time.  She has even gone so far as to assure us that if the wait time for the MRI is too long, she will contact us so we can go over to Buffalo MRI and have it done there.  I think that what makes me feel the most relieved (in a weird sort of way) is that she feels the urgency that I do.  She understands my desire to get answers or at the very least rule things out as quickly as possible. 

I actually slept last night for the first time in weeks.  I don't have any answers yet, but I feel so much closer!

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  1. So so happy for you! Hopefully there are some answers ahead!