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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Some Progress

As mentioned previously, I finagled an appointment at McMaster in the blood disorders clinic hoping we could parlay that into an earlier appointment in Neurology.  Well I am moderately happy to report that little plan may have worked. 

As I expected, after hearing a summary of Leah's recent problems and her medical history, the resident who was doing the pre-interview, started making the usual noises.  "That doesn't really sound like a problem we would deal with."  "This situation really sounds like a neurological issue." etc. etc.  We quickly explained to him we were there with the intention of ruling out problems and hoping they would be able to help point us in the right direction.

The resident left to speak with the doctor in charge.  When they returned to the room, the doctor in charge stated he wanted to help us expedite her neurologist appointment and to that end he would contact that department himself.  He also gave us the name and number of the neurologist he wants her to see so we can pester the office ourselves.  As well, he suggested we speak to our pediatrician and ask him to put some pressure on the office to get us in sooner.

Leah's nana was quite disappointed that they didn't even order bloodwork and could not be convinced to order the MRI, but I am quite happy that we got as far as we did - it is about all I expected.

I am not used to being this aggressive and it is not something that comes naturally to me.  In fact, just starting this blog and taking our struggle public goes very much against my usually very private personality.  But as hard as it is to overcome my meekness and reticence, I am willing to do that and much more to ensure that Leah gets the care and attention she needs so we can figure this out. 

As of yesterday, Leah has gone gluten-free.  We made this decision based on the loads of infromation sent to us by so many kind, caring individuals.  So many of you out there have stuggled or know someone struggling with Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance and have identified some of Leah's symptoms as common to those medical issues.  So in the interest of ruling out problems, we thought this would be a good place to start.  After all, it can only benefit her, not cause any more problems if we are wrong.  We had already gone dairy-free for her at the advice of her doctor, but there doesn't seem to be any change from that.

On the whole a positive day.  We have crossed the 1000 views mark and quickly closing in on 1200.  This whole blogging experience reminds me so much of that old shampoo commercial....."and she told friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on......".  And quoting my friend Amie McGregor .."When the Internet is used for good .... Positive results already!"  Our positive results so far are as direct results from the advice, encouragement, prayers and information provided from each person who cared enough to contact us.  Thank you so much!

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