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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 2 at the Mayo Clinic

Our second day at the Mayo Clinic was just as good as the first.

Leah had a round of blood work first thing and then we went straight over to her Autonomic Testing.  This testing allows us to see if her Central Nervous System and her involuntary reflexes are working properly.  This test rules out Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).  I was able to be in the room with her throughout the testing (which was very cool!) and she had no issues with any portion of it.  Her heart rate and blood pressure remained stable, she had no symptoms of her episodes and her CNS responded normally throughout.   So another thing to cross off our list!

Next we headed to MRI.  Leah breezed through her last MRI and so she had no hesitation about heading into this one.  In fact, she was so calm that part way through it she fell asleep!  I am anxious to get the results back on this to see if she has developed any more White Matter Changes or if the one noted previously has changed at all.

The super awesome cool part of all of this is, Leah has an online patient account with Mayo.  When test results are ready, they are immediately posted to this account!  The Doctor's notes, clinical notes, medication history, immunization history, medical records etc are all immediately updated within this online account.
So Leah's bloodwork results are already posted, based on those and her symptoms is seems like a diagnosis of Hasimoto's is coming.  We will find out more on Friday afternoon.

Today we are packing up and making the move to Ronald McDonald house!  This will be a big relief and money saver for us.  We will actually end up being a little further away from the hospital but shuttles run about every 15 mins, so it really won't be that big of a deal.  

Leah also has her Neurologist's appointment this afternoon - we will update afterwards!

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