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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gettng Ready to Leave

My mother drummed this sentiment into our heads as children.  With this in mind I will just give you the facts of our last days at McMaster.

Sunday afternoon we were surprised to see two Drs. from Infectious Diseases.  A medical history was taken and then they conferred.  Their opinion was they were 99.9% sure that she did not have Lyme Disease or any other Infectious Disease and a lumbar puncture was not necessary to support that decision.  In their minds it is a open and shut case.

Monday morning came and with it a change of on-call Neurologists, we finally saw the neuro that we regularly have our appointments with.  He had been in contact with the other Drs throughout the week and they had come to the conclusion that all we had managed to capture on the monitors was "a whole lot of normal".  All they could conclude was that her minor events did not register on the monitors and she had no episodes of sufficient intensity to review.  As usual, the enigma that is Leah, has left her doctors baffled.  Their parting words carried a suggestion of a pediatric psychiatrist to assess stress levels as stress can do many things to a body.  With that, we were discharged.

Normally such a suggestion would have incensed me, but I had been expecting it.  In speaking with other parents who have been seen by this team, it is a very common "go-to" diagnosis.  When they can't figure it out, it must be psychosomatic.  And as a side note, anyone that truly knows Leah knows that she is so laid back and relaxed, that the idea of stress induced symptoms is laughable.

The six days since her discharge have been a whirlwind of activity.  Losing an entire week to the hospital admission had created chaos at home and in our planning.  Last minute errands such as getting her passport, packing, getting the household stocked up and ready for us to leave, doctor's appointments and finding time to spend some quality time with the other kids before leaving again; have all managed to suck up every available minute.

We leave the house tomorrow morning around 4am.  We board the plane at 6:35am and arrive in Minneapolis at 8:15am  Central Time.  We then board a shuttle bus to Rochester and will arrive at the Mayo Clinic around 11am.  Then the real adventure begins!

I am bringing our laptop and plan on updating as new information becomes available.

Before we leave, I have a message from Leah to pass along.....

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