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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Update on McMaster Stay

We have been at McMaster for a week now, still no real noticeable episodes or events - noticeable meaning can't be tracked by the VEEG.  Unfortunately, this is a very unrealistic setting for her and does not provide the external stimulus usually required to "set her off".

We are having trouble with the VEEG unit, she can no longer unplug from it to use the washroom because it won't reconnect properly so we now have a commode chair in the room with us.  The test is only designed for 4 days, so we are having trouble with the electrodes on  her head.  Between some sweating and her natural body oil accumulation over a week, the adhesive is starting the come away; this causes interruption in the readings and therefore is not a good thing.  So I have re-wrapped her head a couple times, the first time, it eased it's way up and off.  The second time, I used a lot more gauze and tape, and to ensure it really stayed, I also wrapped it up and over her head and under her chin!  I don't want us staying over the weekend to be wasted because of faulty readings!

She has had an ECHO, ECG and has the holter monitor on.  We have had a consult with a Cardiologist and at this point she doesn't believe that there is any cardiological issues.

Leah has been a very lucky girl, she has been visited by her best friend twice!  Megan came again today to visit and she brought her sister.  They are having a wonderful time playing board games, being silly and just playing.

Her daddy has come to stay overnight, her siblings have come for a visit and the girls are staying with me at Ronald McDonald house so they can spend some time with her every day.  Even her Auntie Anne came for a visit and to spend the night with her.  That was a real treat!

 Going forward, there has been some discussions regarding plans for Monday.  When Paul stayed with her, he spoke with the on-call doctor and requested a repeat Lyme Disease test, a follow up MRI and another look at MS.  It sounds as if we will be getting a visit from and Infectious Diseases Specialist, a follow up visit from the Cardiologist and the possibility of a lumbar puncture.


  1. I have tested your daughter with electromagnetic
    frequency's and she does not have Lyme disease but she does have Postural tachycardia syndrome.
    You can reach me at if you have any questions

    1. Entertaining to see a posting from "Ed Royal Rife". Considering that Dr. Rife has been dead since 1971.

      While Dr. Rife came up with an interesting and innovative theory, his work was ultimately discredited and he died penniless feeling that there was a conspiracy against his work.

      I would think, that if his interesting theories held merit that someone would have already inadvertently cured cancer with a MRI machine.

      Sadly, Dr. Rife's theories have been used by some medical fraudsters who prey on the desperate by selling "Rife Machines" that have no redeeming value and claim to provide cure to those with illness.

      I would hope that you would not be one of those classless individuals who would torment this family by trying to fleece money while they try to find out what ails their daughter.

  2. It only takes about 30 min. to clear her of Postural tachycardia syndrome or any other disease but the medical community doesn't want people to know about ElectroMagnetic Therapy as it will take Billions of dollars out of there earnings...

  3. I also forgot to say, that is why your daughter has not had any episodes in the past week..