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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Publicity for the Benefit

Leah's Summer Bash Fundraising Benefit has finally gotten some much needed publicity!  On Saturday afternoon, a reporter from the Welland Tribune came to the house for an interview and to take some pictures.

We talked about all the wonderful people and businesses in and around our community that have helped us and donated to Leah's campaign.  We talked about Leah's history and her struggle and how the wait times for medical services have impacted her. We focused on the positives of it all - the help we have received, the benefits of going to the Mayo Clinic and our plans to pay forward all of these kindnesses.

If we are lucky, the story will focus on Leah's struggle and the benefit and not on local hospital services.  Hopefully the surrounding newspapers will pick it up and run it as well, and *fingers crossed* that will bring more people to the benefit and/or the blog.  Keep an eye on the paper on Monday or Tuesday, that is when we were told to expect it to be printed!

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