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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The thermostat is rising inside and outside!

Silly little piece of trivia....the next time someone views the blog our visit counter and our fundraising total will be the same!

Couple of fantastic things to report on today

  • Our middle daughter Hannah brought home from school (and forgot to give me!) some money raised by her friends Gina and Jenna C.  These two wonderful girls raised $55 for Leah - we are so grateful girls!  Thanks for your hard work.
  • Kay's Korner Variety asked us to come and empty out the Loonies for Leah jar they had on the counter - once counted there was a whopping $203.97 inside!  Thank you to all the Kay's customers who have been so generous!
  • We now have a 7th way to purchase tickets for the Summer Bash Benefit for Leah - Kay's Korner Variety at 150 Thorold Rd., Welland have very generously offered to sell the tickets for us, so if you need a loaf of bread, newspaper, some lottery tickets and a couple tickets to the benefit, drop by Kay's to scratch all those items off your shopping list!

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