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Monday, 23 July 2012

The Benefit

In a word, the benefit was AMAZING!

I was having nightmares that no one was going to show up, that I would be staring at my family all night and we would walk away owing money instead of raising any.  I think that type of stress is normal for anyone planning a big function, but it was really starting to wear me down.

The day started early with errands, shopping for fresh items and cooking.  I was totally on schedule and just rocking in the kitchen when CHCH News called requesting an interview for the afternoon!  ACK!  Really there was no time for it, but how could I turn it down?  So, as wonderful as the interview process was, and as sweet and understanding as Lauren Pelley was, it totally messed with my entire schedule by about 3 hours!

But as it always happens, with a lot of hard work, and the hard work of others, everything came together in the final minutes before 7pm.  The prize table looked fantastic, the decorations were up, the banners were hung and the games tables were ready.

We don't have a definite number for attendance but I am estimating we had approximately 150 people come and go through out the night.  Not to mention the wonderful people who stopped by just to drop off a donation!

On behalf of Leah, Paul and the rest of our family I would like to express our gratitude to the following people:

The Celtic Club personnel were wonderful!  Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance.  We could not have been as successful without all of you.

To Scott Reid and Niagara Event Consortium, you did an incredible job with the music, thank you for volunteering your time.

To Jeremy and Chris from The Black Flies, the sets you did were fantastic and such a wonderful addition to our night, thank you for coming in and helping us out.

To our boys Christopher and Matthew, having you there, working so hard to help your little sister was wonderful, thank you!

Teresa, you rocked Crown and Anchor!  Thanks for running that for me the entire evening and all your help with set up.

Amanda B. - Waitressing may not be your career path but you are a pro at selling Jello shots!  Thanks for taking that job off my hands, you sold them all and that was excellent!

Andrea Hominuk - thank so much for helping us transport everything over, working on the prize table and running the Toonie Toss, your expertise and assistance was greatly appreciated!

Tammy Baker - The way you effortlessly coordinated all aspects of front door ticket sales was awe inspiring!  Being able to leave it in your extremely capable hands left me free to attend to the thousand and one little details that cropped up.  And thank you as well for coming early and helping to set up, assisting with organizing the prize tables and everything else you did!

Kris and Bernie Tessier - as always thank you so much for helping out in all the areas you do.  Bernie you ruled the poker table!  People didn't want to leave you, they were having so much fun!  And Kris, I truly appreciate the last minute run home and all the effort that you went to for us.  The Plinko game was a hit because of your wonderful influence!

To Anne and Amanda, I know you were run ragged and yet you still ended the night with big smiles on your faces!  If I needed help of any kind you were right there, anything you two could do to make my life easier, you did.  Thank you!

And to my wonderful mother Marty, you stressed and fretted right along with me, we drove each other crazy, but together we really made it work.  For everything you did to assist me in making the benefit a success I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And of course, to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to come to the benefit, thank you!  You all made it a resounding success and with your help we are so close to our fundraising goal!

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